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Take time to re-visit the dream.

Never forget the vision…


When words are too much, and thoughts too loud…


Cold, Quiet, a Curve in the road, The trees stand guard

Wings of Hope

When patience and expectation join forces, we fly

 in hope and power, like when your vision and your

 brush become one and create beauty…

30 Day Gratitude Challenge


I am always amazed that my brush strokes and colours (when I paint) always reflect

what is happening in my spirit. Often I am not even aware of the little bit of darkness.

I am surprised when it appears on my canvas….but the choice is mine, always, to reflect

light or dark, joy and peace. As my mind makes the choice, my brush follows and I ‘feel’

the mood of my painting. May you be at peace today .



This little painting reminds that, in the tangled web of life, I have this choice:

to open my eyes to the splashes of light and colour, the flowers on my way…. like

blogger colourtheday, says: sometimes beauty appears, out of its own will….

It is my choice to SEE.

The Expectancy of Hope


What is hope without expectancy and vice versa…

Patience of Hope

Painting is joy and pain and patience all in one, sometimes pure willpower  but then

again an indescribable shot of life when you have for a mere moment of a brush stroke

broken through and you fly on the wings of your creation for a day. may your wings be

in place today and tower over any pain.

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