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Touch of pink


Wow! Good scrabble word. The dictionary says its insignificant flowers are surrounded

by brightly coloured papery bracts (not in my dictionary-no wonder they are so hard

to paint!) that persist on the plant for a long time. I think I will definitely persist with

this one for a while, and they come in so many colours! Might be easier in oils?

That will keep me busy…





This was my second attempt at painting wildlife. A good time to reflect on what was.

I often wonder what it would look like if I had to paint a leopard today? Worth a try

as soon as I unpack my paints again after the move and get set up for some painting!

My thoughts today…whether you move a leopard from Africa to Australia, the spots

stay the same; so here I am, new place, same old me…taking a trip down memory lane

before I get stuck in again. Hope you enjoy it with me.

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