Each of us needs to find our element- the place where things we love to do and things we are good at, come together

Why Blog?

Some blog for fame and fortune, others to amass a great following. For many it is a platform to test or flaunt? their opinions, their passions, or their creativity in whatever form. Some share their knowledge, their skills, others their dreams or their path of pain. The reasons and motivations are intriguing and as varied and unique as our fingerprints. One wonders what people did before the avalanche of social media caused us to start ‘living’ online? I, for one, prefer face to face living but blogging has brought even me online!

I have not blogged for many months….and as many reasons. The short version is that “life happened” and it was not at all good. You know the story of the flea? Well, it can jump very high and far but put it in a jar and close the lid?? It will still try to jump only to be blocked by the lid every time. After a day or so  it will no longer try to jump out. It will believe it can only jump to the height of the jar lid. So, all I can say is that my jumping became limited and my mindset followed shortly after.

I started blogging as an exercise to help me track my progress and to explore and find my place of passion, whether it be in art or a form of art. Sometimes we do things because we can and not necessarily because we want to. Also, at the time I felt dissatisfied with the realistic precision of my paintings (that’s about the same as saying I don’t want to me any more!!). I longed to break free of my box, to paint with loose, uninhibited strokes of colour upon colour. I felt unable to portray what I saw, how I perceived the beauty around me, and also  those pictures that “dropped” inside of me…so clear, yet so hard to paint. I wanted to know (or feel) that not one talent or ability given to me was going to waste…to come to the end of my days knowing that I have run the race and run it well.

It has been a long lonely barren desert walk. Often I have felt unable to take the next step, unable to find my element. So, in order to survive, I reduced my thinking, my painting (small blocks), my living….until I ended up just existing. I can safely say that living small does not produce life. It saps all that is still alive.

Now the floods have come. Torrential. Relentless. Sweeping away the drought, the barrenness, forcing me into change. No not the rain. Pain and more pain. Pain in all its forms. Isolation. Doubt. Fear. Sickness. Death and more death. Loss. Grief. The things that make us overcome and grow. And so it is time to leave the desert, literally and figuratively. Take off the lid. Be what only I can be. Myself. You don’t find yourself in another country. You wont find yourself on a different continent. You are everywhere you go. You find yourself when you dig deep enough. Inside yourself. And you let go. And be. The best that you can be. And so it is time to blog again…

This blog is really for my eyes only but life happens to us all and chances are that you have been through the same and more. I believe we are here to “rub off” onto one another, work through the negative and grab hold of the positive, help each other up when we are down. So feel free to travel the road with me , to share in my progress, creativity, wisdom and words, the beauty and pain around us and in us and may I rub off onto you as positively as some of you in blog world rub off onto me.

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4 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. your strokes have brought a lot of colour to our respective ‘worlds’

  2. Hantie on said:

    Hi Ohna, Ek wil vir jou sê, dat jy vir my ‘n persoon is om na op te kyk. My mentor sê, kyk wie is die mense om jou, wie is jou vriende want jy word wat hulle is, so kies jou vriende goed, en jy is so iemand. Ek het van die begin af geweet jy staan sterk in die Here, jou wortelstelsel is goed en diep, die wind kan maar kom, jy staan soos die boom langs die waters, en die voeltjies maak in jou nes.. As daar iets is wat jy kan doen, is om terug te gaan op jou dagboeke, notas, en ook die “prophetic word” wat daar al oor jou lewe gespreek is, dit is goed om daarna te kyk en die “great” dinge weer raak te sien .Ek hou rekord van Woord wat ek gekry het, van oulike en lekker goeters in my lewe, want ‘n mens vergeet van dit.
    Haal maar daardie dekseltjie af en onthou dit is nie ‘n geval van “the sky is the limit nie” dit is ‘n geval van “there is no limit” to His mercy, grace, love, promises…….

  3. Hi Ohna, Have I told you how much I love you today? I love you today :0) Thanks for your recent blog. Although what you had to say was much more than a blog, you allowed yourself to be vulnerable to all of us who love what you do and perhaps feel that your gift comes with no strings attached. I can see from your heartfelt musings, that there are many strings attached. You are in a relationship with your talents, which is something I never looked at before you wrote about your challenges. I believe we can only learn about ourselves through our relationships. I always thought that meant with another person, lover, children, friends etc…but we are in so many more relationships than just those. I love my children, family and friends, but I learn so much about myself through the work I do. I love to teach. I home schooled my children for many years, I teach fitness classes, yoga classes and now Thai body work. Breema and energy work are my ways to express myself through loving hands and a gentle spirit. We do rub off on each other, and I am very happy to have met you! I really love all your paintings, but the boats are my special favorites! Much love and many blessings :0) Namaste,



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