Each of us needs to find our element- the place where things we love to do and things we are good at, come together


We met in my first week of arriving in the hot, dry, north western Australian town of
Karratha. Unique, beautiful, always perky, head held high no matter what the temperature
was or how isolated the location. I was reminded of the saying by Mary Engelbreit:
‘Bloom where you are planted’. We were the exact opposite. One flourished irrespective
of the conditions, the other struggled to bloom…

Backlit desert peas

Backlit desert peas


Sturt’s desert pea, formerly called “Swainsona formosa”, “Formosa” being the Latin for
“beautiful” is the state flower of South Australia. A stunningly vibrant and unique
wildflower that is a slow growing, creeping plant with stems and leaves appearing soft
grey due to a covering of fine hairs. The leaf-like flowers stand upright on tall fleshy
stalks. The large pea flower can be various shades from bright orange to deep red, each
with a bulbous black centre, or “boss”. It is mostly low-growing but I saw several that
grew taller, more shrub-like.

Desert pea fruit: legumes

Desert pea fruit: legumes

My initial photographs were the usual happy snaps that I took on my morning walks to practise
painting flowers. It was only after I had painted them and realised how abundant and unique
they were, that I started paying closer attention but all the stop starts to take photographs
did not lead to much exercise so I am sad to say that I have a lot of photographs but not
many that do the desert pea true justice

The troops advancing...low crawling!

The troops advancing…low crawling!

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3 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. Beautiful indeed 🙂

  2. These desert peas are beautiful native flowers. Very nicely captured.

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