Each of us needs to find our element- the place where things we love to do and things we are good at, come together

About me

I paint the many moods of life, its colour, its beauty, its emotion….life as I see it:

close up, personal, intense. Where I have always been fascinated by the human

figure, I am now on a different journey,travelling the unknown, in life, in my painting.

My figure work has moved from oil to clay, from painting to sculpting, and my painting

now explores nature, bolder colours, different strokes. I am amazed at just how flowers

are created, so individually beautiful and unique and as always I am fascinated by

the fall of light and shadow . I never painted flowers, much as I love them but in this

time of travelling, I paint small flower blocks almost every day and,like vertical gardening,

my “wall” is growing!

2013 Note:

I miss sculpting (so you won’t see any) but here in this Western Australian hotspot where I live for the moment there is no such thing to be found

unless I fly in my own clay? Anything is possible. I am still painting ‘flower blocks’, too hot to do any other kind of gardening!


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Mickey Viljoen on said:

    Awesome! Humbled by such great talent.

  2. Wonderful paintings! If one day I will become famous I will buy one. 🙂

  3. Hey, good on you…got busy sculpting. Takes a bit longer than painting to get something done. Hope you like it!

  4. Get back to work you!

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