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Kitchen Talk

Flies are lonely creatures (note : this is not a scientific study), or shall I say, single flies. Probably¬† a bit human in that respect. There is no food attraction in my kicthen. The house is empty, awaiting furniture. Just me and Fly (ok ok, not a study in grammar either). Flies have a short lifespan so we definitely havn’t met before. For that reason I cannot claim that this fly likes me, therefore my conclusion that it is lonely. It has spent the morning ¬†following me everywhere.

I am considering talking to it.

Second observation: flies are good listeners, they do not intrrupt at all.

Third: they are tactile creatures. Always touching you somewhere. As our conversation gets more interesting, it parks on my shoulder, to hear better. It is very intrigued by the fact that I can talk and write at the same time, so every now and then it lands on my hand.

Fourth: they are vain creatures. It has realized there is some glory to be had in being the main character in my scribbles this morning, so it is now perched on my brow to see if I write with sufficient praise. Truth is irrelevant. Facts are a waste of time. It has given me permission to include two paintings of kitchen scenes. (maybe that is because we are now sitting in the kitchen, the only place with a chair).

Last observation: flies have a short attention span. Or maybe it just got bored with all this talk about kitchens and paintings?

Oh dear no! It’s having tea. My tea.

French Kitchen 30 x 40 cm Acrylic on canvasFrench kitchen 45 x 50 cm Acrylic on canvas

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