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“I am not altogether displeased with the shirt-front”…. Paul Cezanne, after 115 sittings for a portrait of Ambriose Vollard!

I am a list maker. If you suffer from the same affliction, you may be familiar with the good and the bad of it. It leads to two things: satisfaction in getting the job done and ticking it off the list, or procrastination….and in procrastination lies a little fear of failure and a lot of seeking perfection (among other things). So, a series of self-portraits has been on my list since day one and I have successfully ignored it so far! I have however, done or dabbled in most of the other things on my To Do List, like fruit, boats, flowers, landscapes, etc. and a lot of those have remained as friends to be re-visited every now and then. Current best friend being flowers…with just a touch of friction building up!

It was very difficult to start (having played around with flowers for so long) so I decided to 1) do it on paper (not wasting canvas), 2) go for unfamiliar colours, and 3) set a time limit of 90 minutes. Ouch! They are meant to be exercises, not great works of art! Once my time is up, I am not allowed to go back and fix. That is quite a challenge.

So, here is no 1 and like any good story……to be continued….!!

Very yellow. Very wary of the artist!

Very yellow. Very wary of the artist!

The King

When I am weak ... Oil on canvas 90 x 100cm SoldWhen I am weak, He comes forth, ablaze with power…

When I am weak... Oil on canvas 90 x 100 cm SoldWhen I am weak... Oil on canvas 90 x 100 cm Sold


Not a good week to paint with all this moving …but as always, I continue painting in my mind,

ever searching for that loose stroke, the same as saying as much as possible in a few words. So

I took a trip down memory lane. Some good, some bad. A nice splash of yellow left untouched.





Had to try one boat painting with a palette knife…


A friend of mine photographed some beautiful brightly coloured boats in Turkey and gave me

permission to try my hand at painting a few. I reckon I will have to do a few more before I can

say I am satisfied with the outcome….foreign territory!



It is time for a challenge again, so here is my second attempt at palette knife painting.

(remember the Cape Cottages? I really must learn to do a link!).  It is quite a trick to

put the paint down and not go back over again with a second stroke which means your

colours must be just right. Will play some more…as usual, I am never done after just one,

so expect to see some more fruit and knife work. Not peeling! Painting.

Ok, I know you knew that!


White collection

You should know by now that I cannot resist painting a whole collection of whatever my current flower is!

I like the bright colours but, as usual, got caught up in the detail!! Must set myself a palette knife challenge

again to loosen up!



Familiar friends


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